About Hold Me ‘Til My River Jordan

Hold Me ‘Til My River Jordan

The Caregiver, the Widow, and the Groomer

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Thrown into chaos after returning from an idyllic vacation in Knysna, South Africa, Racheal’s family tries to make sense of their new life when her healthy, forty-year-old husband Dominic, and the father of their two young boys, aged 9 and 5; has a stroke and loses use of his right side. Dominic fights to regain as much of his life back as he can and does so triumphantly. Racheal is thrown overnight into being a caregiver, a single mother, running Dom’s business, handling everything for the family including the finances Dom handled as she strives to hold down a high-pressure job.

She struggles with finding her footing in the role of a caregiver and all that comes with it, as well as the physical, emotional and financial changes that threaten to break her at every bend. The true meaning of 1 Corinthians 13 is tested in this light and heavy, funny and gripping story of downfall, fighting for survival, and trying to manage some degree of normalcy in the middle of a storm. During the process, the family grows closer, stronger and taps into a depth of strength they did not know they had. Throughout this journey each family member re-discovers their faith and grows closer to God in ways they had never imagined.

They climb new heights, reach the deepest of lows, and discover the depths of love along the way until their family is struck by yet another tragedy. Often people think of Racheal as Dom’s “angel” but Racheal tells the story of Dom’s experience as a grooming experience for her by God. She testifies to God’s grace and mercy through “Hold Me ‘Til My River Jordan.”