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Hold Me ‘Til My River Jordan

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  • ” BRAVO…… Racheal Fosu for baring your soul in this captivating Memoir and for sharing with the world what it feels like, “To Have and To Hold till Death do us Part.” “ Hold Me Like the River Jordan” is a loving testimony and a living legacy. The lens you give your readers invites us in to the struggles, the fear, the raw truth, the triumphs, the courage and the FAITH it takes meet life’s challenges and come out on the other side transformed. This is a must read! Caretakers will see how crucial their role is for healing and families will find assurance in knowing they are not alone. At the end, I found myself deeply invested and wanting to know more.

    Bravo, once again and job well done! “

    Monique B. Nelson
    Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Entrepreneur

  • So inspiring! The book “Hold Me Like The River Jordan, the Caregiver, the Widow and the Groomer”, by Racheal Fosu, is an amazing story about persevering, the journey of new found faith, and the becoming of a new woman. Fosu takes her readers on a vivid journey using detailed imagery and real life events telling the story of a struggle millions of people can relate to, which is balancing life in the midst of adversity while caregiving for a sick loved one. In the story, readers can feel the tension, heartaches, and strength of the main protagonist, a successful corporate executive fighting to balance normalcy and chaos as she fights for her husband’s life, her family and her own sanity. Fosu does a great job of giving her readers the backstory to the main protagonist’s life, values, and heritage. This is successfully done because the main character is so relatable and tangible that readers can place themselves effortlessly into the story. Fosu walks readers through every emotion that can be felt when a loved one is facing life or death, she spares no detail of her despair.  Instead her readers willingly empathize and in the end feel her gratitude and closeness with God as she grapples with and comes to term with her new life. “

    McCloud Publishings

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