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Hold Me ‘Til My River Jordan

The Caregiver, the Widow, and the Groomer

“Devin, have you seen my keys? We have to leave for your birthday party soon.”

“No mom. Did you leave them in the car again?”

As much as I hated to admit it, he was probably right. I walked to the car, and he was right. There they were on the floor mat. I stooped down, picked them up, and my phone rang. It was MidAtlantic NeuroSurgical Group.

“Mrs. Fosu?” the voice said. “This is Dr. Dubois from Overlook Hospital, MidAtlantic NeuroSurgical Group.”

“Yes? This is she.”

“Mrs. Fosu, we have an emergency here with Dominic. He is having a major stroke, and we need your consent to do emergency surgery now and remove a part of his skull, now, or he is going to die.”

The world spun around me, and I collapsed into the car seat. It was like looking through the wrong end of a telescope. Everything around me—the warmth of the sun, the smell of the fresh-cut grass, the noise of my family in the background—faded into the distance.


About Racheal

Racheal is a mother to two sons, a career Technology Executive and a woman who loves the Lord. She is a graduate of Oxford University’s Said Business School, Oxford England and was named an Oxford Forte Fellow. She has been featured as an Inspirational Woman by Oxford’s Saïd Business School and inducted into Rutgers University’s esteemed Rutgers African-American Alliance Alumni Hall of Fame. Whilst at Rutgers, Racheal co-developed, marketed and taught an entrepreneurial program for the Rutgers Cooperative Schools designed for at-risk youth with the premise that these youth have the entrepreneurial skills that if harnessed could lead to great success and financial liberation.

Upon graduation from Rutgers, Racheal joined Andersen Consulting (Accenture) and later joined the New York Stock Exchange’s technology arm in 1999 where she remained until 2016. At NYSE she led the measurement of mission critical financial trading applications across the globe. She recently joined Broadridge Financial Solutions where she now heads Global Technology Strategy for the $4B dollar fintech. She has been awarded the honor of Professional Woman of The Year by the National Association of Professional Women and Distinguished Leader by the International Women’s Leadership Association. Racheal is active in her community and has actively helped raise money to help Africans cope with the spread of HIV. She mentors young college women and is passionate about teaching financial literacy to under-privileged youth. She attends Calvary Baptist Church where she co-founded the Grief2Hope bereavement ministry and proudly presents the Dominic K. A. Fosu Visionary Fund scholarship annually.

She hopes to dedicate a part of the proceeds of this book to caregivers who are the backbone of keeping families together when tragedies strike.