Racheal In The Community

Community Service Profile

Ms. Ankrah-Fosu is active in her community and has actively helped raise money to help Africans cope with the spread of HIV.  She has donated time, resources and talent to non-profit organizations committed to raising awareness and funding that will alleviate the plight of disadvantaged and deserving African communities/persons.  She has spent time mentoring younger women through NYSE Euronext’s mentoring programs in financial services. She has volunteered her time via Operation Hope to teach financial and entrepreneurial skills.  In addition, her community service pursuits have extended to include:

Financial Literacy for Underprivileged Youth

Ms. Ankrah-Fosu has recently designed and is in the process of building KIDFINTM, a social enterprise that aims to disrupt the educational space. The KIDFINTM program is a digital program, a brand aimed at increasing financial literacy in both global and local contexts. The program aims to target children in 4 tiers and delivers sustained digital financial literacy education to children from ages 8 through college. Each tier of the application is 8 modules long and cumulative in nature. Students must demonstrate strong proficiency in all modules and hands on implementation of module tenants to graduate and be certified for the next level.

Mentoring Program

Ms. Ankrah-Fosu maintains a small group of mentees that she takes personal interest in as it relates to grooming socially responsible, career enabled, empowered young women of high distinction.  To date, she has mentored 12 women through this program and is currently mentoring three women, one of which recently obtained her Masters’ Degree with High Honors.

Educational Scholarships

Ms. Ankrah-Fosu initiated the Dominic K. A. Fosu Visionary Fund the year after losing her husband.  The fund offers educational funding assistance to a student that is a visionary. Visionary students considered must demonstrate uniquely strong thinking and planning for their future with imagination, creativity, and wisdom.

Distribution of the fund takes into account financial need, however, the recipient will be an individual who demonstrates high academic achievement, a commitment to service (in school, their community, or at home), a strong work ethic, and demonstrated leadership qualities.

This is the fifth year since inception.  The fund has given out, $3000, $4000 and this year $5000 dollars to award recipients.


Grief2Hope: Bereavement Support Group Ministry Leader

Ms. Ankrah-Fosu has started a grief support group that aims to provide support to members of her church, Calvary Baptist Church, Morristown NJ.  Th unique nature of the group is that grief recovery is experienced with a Christian context aiming to interprete, process and heal holistically. The group is now two years old and has helped 40+ members to date.  It is Mr. Anrah-Fosu’s aim to offer the group to the wider Morristown community in the years to come as the need for grief recovery in the Christian context is sorely needed.

The Ruth & Isaac Project (A Nonprofit Organization)

Ms. Ankrah-Fosu’s nonprofit organization was created to help provide caregiver’s worldwide some support and relief while on their caregiving journey! Throughout the pandemic Racheal’s nonprofit gave out gifts such as fresh groceries, dinners, gift cards, money to help with bills and any personal expenses, and much more to provide caregivers some relief through the uncertain and troubling year.

To learn more about Racheal’s Nonprofit click here: ruthandisaacproject.com